“At one point there was a knock at the door but it seemed to go unanswered leaving you to wonder if it too was a brief and dramatic work of art? Thus sound attunes us to new kinds of minimal and forensic attention. Another collage of sound emerged, breaking up the sequence of sonic events and performances as they began to assemble a loose narrative in your mind.”


During a busy week in London, sometimes a little oasis of time opens up that you hadn’t anticipated or accounted for. In these times, that you call ‘Downtime’, you seem to find yourself again, reconnecting with some authentic aspect of self that is not compelled by duties and responsibilities and anxieties, but simply lives, and thus lives more roundly, joyfully, more deeply. Art informs such experiences and caters for these moments by providing the throbbing megalopolis with numerous refuges within which you can find temporary sanctuary.

You visited the magnificent British Library concourse between Euston and St Pancras stations, and there indulged yourself in a small exhibition based on the 150th anniversary of the publication of ‘Alice in Wonderland’. You also visited the Crypt of a church by Euston station to try and catch the end of an exhibition by some recent graduates of Chelsea’s MA course working alongside  students…

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