It is was the title says, if you ever find yourself a zombie then you’re doomed. Naturally this is all if you care about the Uncanny Valley first put into a  graph by the japanese robotist Masahiro Mori. I’ll comepic2 back to the Valley a little later in this blog. First I’d like to indulge myself into the uncanny and what it is.

The uncanny is the unsettling feeling of something alive but not quite. Its origins spring back to Germany where Ernst Jentsch (1867-1919 as seen on the picture from 1906) described it as either Heimlich or Unheimlich. Homely or unhomely. His way of telling us what the uncanny is, is highly based on intelligence. It’s a physical form that takes shape as an inanimate object
looking life like, enough to fool us, but our brain know it isn’t alive on its own. For an example let’s take Evie.

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