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Group Y blog of the week last week was Saffron Sibthorp, as voted by the rest of the group:

Saffron Sibthorp

“Print is dead! Long live print. So says the title of a new book celebrating the resurgence of independent print magazines. Recent claims for the death of print have swirled around with the growth of digital culture and its ever developing platforms and yet, print not only persists but has even undergone a revival, the niche magazine is one instance. What can print do, say and mean that ‘the digital’ cannot? In this lecture we explore the stubborn refusal of print to die, the forms that the revival is taking and the possible reasons for it. In short we will think ink (and paper)”.

Jess Baines and Ruth Sykes – (2016) Think Ink CTS, London College of Communication

The outstanding question during this weeks lecture was; what is happening to print in the digital age? To commence the session, we began by looking at an online publication by Onion, titled…

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