What is a Research Forum?

*Deadline for student submissions extended to Friday 12th February*

The Undergraduate Research Forum is a cross-UAL, cross-disciplinary event for undergraduate students. It takes place on Wednesday 9th March 2016 at Chelsea College of Art, as part of UAL’s Research Fortnight.

What is a Research Forum?

A forum is an event where people to get together to discuss a particular subject. It’s a chance for UAL undergraduate students to come together to share and explore each other’s project work and cross-pollinate project ideas and opinions beyond course and college boundaries.

What do we mean by ‘Research’?
We recognize that there may be some confusion about exactly what constitutes undergraduate research and enquiry. We are using an expanded definition of research, acknowledging that undergraduate research may not be original in the sense that it has uncovered new knowledge (unlike, for example, PhD level research), but rather that it has uncovered knowledge that is new to the student; is new in the particular class context; or simulates research processes common in the subject being studied.

‘Research’ is one of the UAL assessment criteria, which means that all students are assessed against it at various points during their courses. We are seeking examples of your research projects (either current or past).

Who is it for?
UAL students will curate, facilitate, present and form the main audience for the event, working in partnership with the Teaching and Learning Exchange. Current undergraduate students are warmly invited to submit their research projects (past or ongoing) for consideration. It does not matter whether you are a first, second or final year student – all undergraduate submissions are welcome.

Find out more and apply to present and/or attend here:http://undergraduateresearch.myblog.arts.ac.uk/
Key dates:
Proposal deadline:       Friday 12th February 2016
Acceptance date:         Friday 29th February 2016
Forum:                         Wednesday 9th March 2016

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