”I take my hat off to you, Sir’

Kora Kozlowska

The 'Decoration' Room - Peter Kennard:

source: http://cdn.c.photoshelter.com/img-get2/I0000dc_Rf_k8ZH4/fit=1000×750/Peter-Kennard-IWM-GBPhotos-02.jpg

”I take my hat off to you, Sir’

Last Monday I had a pleasure to visit the Peter Kennard exhibition in Imperial War Museum.
Kennard was born in London, in_82936972_976xxx 1949 and formely studied painting, influenced by the need of expressing his disagreement with Vietnam war, he turned down painting. In 1970’s, Peter Kennard aimed to produce a narrative politicaland anti- war statements which could speak to the wider audience. He followed the collage technique used by John Heartfield during the II WW. The exhibition comprises of 5, differently arranged rooms. As we enter the Gallery, the first work seen is the ”Decoration”. Series of the giant paintings is the answer to the Iraq war. On the dark background, Kennard placed orders with ribbons made of flags- USA and Union Jack. Instead of metals, the medals are ‘decorated’ with the helmet of the prisoner of Iraq, who…

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