Living in an era where technology is predominant, the internet has affected the way we  understand images and use of language.


This lecture concentrates on the net and image relationship mixing two theories of past and present

  1. Networks, media and communication
  2. Photography and the refugee crisis

Manuel Castells (2013)

  • China has the largest number of internet users
  • 95% of all information is digitised and accessible on the internet

Marshall McLuhan

  • Pre internet/post internet
  • Concerned with all media
  • The medium is the message
  • The affect of the medium varies especially in individuals

Susan Sontag discusses the relationship and reaction of images of suffering and war. When people saw images of the refugee crisis in particular the image of the drowned boy it had a huge impact on people. The perception of the situation shifted opinions of the media and public. It had changed compared to the portrayal of the crisis in the media before…

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