I s a b e l l a

For my visual essay I decided to document my journey, from when I stepped out of my flat to the moment I got the pass. To do so, every five minutes I took a picture of what I was doing and recorded the music I was listening to.

13:05 – Dashwood Studios, printing the book list


13:10 – Walworth Road, got out of my flat

IMG_0799IMG_0801 copia13:15 – Elephant and Castle, walking to the tube


IMG_0806IMG_080413:20Elephant and Castle station, walking downstairs


IMG_0811IMG_081513:25London Bridge 


30IMG_082113:35King’s Cross station

35IMG_0825IMG_082713:40King’s Cross, walking to the library

40IMG_082913:45British Library

45IMG_0830IMG_083513:50 – Reader registration office, Queueing

IMG_083913:55Reader registration office, completing online registration

IMG_084214:00 – Reader registration office, waiting

IMG_084514:10 – Mission accomplished


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