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The reflective journal sits within the module DN6004. This practice is not however specific to this module and should be considered within all modules. The practice of reflection is one that enhances design thinking in general. Below are examples of reflective processes that can be used as a framework for reflective writing.

Gibbs Reflective Cycle

The Gibbs Reflective cycle is one of the most common frameworks for reflective practice. The cycle goes through 6 phases which encompass what(you-did), why(you-dd-it), how(you-did-it), and if(you-did-it-again-what-would-be-different). By considering every aspect of this cycle a learner can ensure their writing touches on the fundamentals of reflective practice.


Kolb Learning Cycle

The Gibbs Reflective Cycle used the below theory as a basis for the above diagram.


Learning Cycle

This cycle is specific to students within The Cass faculty of design and in-particular Visual Communication. It looks at the relationship between primary…

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