Eva Popović

Last time at CTS we looked into cataloging and the way information is organised. As an example we looked into Argos catalog.

Discussing in groups, we realized that the catalog offers a journey through its’ pages. A journey through the home, and products are complementary.
Looking into the ‘Five Hat Racks’ organisational method which I will explain below, we’ve realized that Argos uses mostly location and category, whilst alphabetical order can be found as well in the index and the list with locations of their stores.

Interesting part was looking into vintage Argos catalogs from 80’s and comparing them to what they look like today.



Other examples of their vintage catalogs can be found here: retromash.com/argos/

The Five Hat Racks

The Five Hat Racks was first developed by Richard Saul Wurman in his book Information Anxiety.

‘Information may be infinite, however… The organization of information is finite as it can…

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