Becky Byng

Today we learned that everyone who is a creator of work, weather that be an author of a book, producer of a film, a singer, or even a fashion designer, owns authorship to there work.

“…your voice joins a community of authors” – Monica, librarian at LCC for GMD

When thinking about the authored work, we can question what influences the creator had, what inspired them to produce the work, what perspective they where thinking about when making it, what sort of audiences where they where planning to target, what format the piece is in, and weather of not the place of creation matters. (what, when, where, who…)

Task 1

Todays lesson was focused on the Russian feminist band Pussy Riot, And the rebellion and uprising they caused when Vladimir Putin was elected president of Russia.

  • had to order 6 formats in which we would gather information
  • we had academic…

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