Michael Olarewaju

Today, we started off our first CTS session with an introduction to Graphic and Media Designs and what it meant to us individually. We were put into groups of 5 or 6 to discuss and put our thoughts down on paper.

In response to the first question, “What is Graphics?”, we decided to present the concept of Graphics through the collation of the individual letters which form the word ‘Graphic’. we believe Graphics is about process, trial & error/ nothing to something, question & response, information, varying software, typography and most importantly communication.

img_1858 What is Graphics?

img_1859 What is Media?

We were then asked, “What is Media?”, in response we had a dead attempt at presenting our thoughts. We struggled with the idea of media as our minds took us away from the concept of graphics entirely in which we had to reign back our minds to find the definitive link…

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