Record, like a camera

In our second CTS lesson, Victoria Falconer told us what is Authorship in general and how to use our library effectly when we doing our research .So what is authorship? The ‘state’ or ‘fact’ of being an author/producer/creator of a work…

Nowadays, we are all authors, we are the owner of the project.

At the beginning of our lesson we have done a 5 minutes group activity. Bu putting the words in to order, judge the usefulness of the media, the one being more relevant and reliable resources on the top.


Then, we have the voices and authorship introduction, this made me questioning to myself ‘what do i think myself as an author? who are my audience?’ I think i am an author of my work, my point of view, my blog. My audience will be who is interested in my work, who is reading this blog……

what will be the influence…

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