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Writing activities for CTS Learning & Teaching Day 

#1: Getting to Know: Draw/Write Selfie (optional) – 10 mins

  1. Draw around your hand – 1 min
  2. Annotate by drawing and writing – 5 mins
  3. (Add in “what do you want?”) – 1 min
  4. Everyone hold up their drawing – 1 min
  5. Share in pairs – 2 mins

#2: Deconstructing Debord: Group Reading Exercise – 45 mins

  1. Each student is allocated a section of the text; ask each student to blackout the text to leave 5 key words. 5mins.
  2. Transcribe the 5 words onto post-its. 1 min.
  3. Feedback in pairs – optional. 5 mins.
  4. Choose 2 of your neighbour’s words and do a 2 min free write around each word. 5 mins.
  5. Readouts in groups of 5/6. 10 mins.
  6. As a group look for the commonalities across all the entries and devise a mini-presentation: e.g. as a group choose 6 definitive keywords, or devise a 25 word elevator pitch which summarises what you understood as a group from the reading. Or each write an elevator pitch, then choose 1 to present. 10 mins.
  7. Presentations to class/discussion. 10 mins.
  8. (students would be asked to work directly into their blogs)

An exercise like the above may encourage students to set up reading groups, which promotes: Personal Learning Newtorks.

#3: Who Do You Think You Are: Branding & Social Media. 15 mins

  • In groups of 3/4:
  • unpick an institutional brand via its social media output: consider: voice/message/values/bottom line – what do they stand for? How does it manifest?

ual, lcc, csm


new school, new york




  • present in your groups as an A3 draw/write piece

#4: How To Write An Essay. 10-15 mins

In groups of 3/4:

  • each person do a 2 min freewrite around the topic “how to write an essay”.
  • share to group of 3/4
  • in your group devise 1 key point
  • whole class hear all the points
  • make list/manifesto on whiteboard/A3 sheet
  • discuss to class


#1 is optional, but good idea to loosen up participants. #3 and #4 could be run synonymously, splitting class down middle.

Learning objective

To promote the following LEARNING OUTCOME:

Evidence of understanding the importance of studentship through engagement and participation with the course and your student colleagues, through collaborative and/or independent professional working, personal and professional development.

Engaging with the Twitter account, writing blog posts, using the blog as a scrapbook/notebook/archive/studio space, and reading and commenting on each other’s blog posts promotes Personal Learning Networks as well as Perosnal and Professional Development.

Andrea Mason
Oct 30 2016

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