good post Ellie, but you need to document all the weeks of CTS as you only have one weeks content here but it is really smashing anyway. I LIKE IT!

Contextual and Theoretical Studies of Design

On Monday morning we were given a talk about authorship. A member of the library team helped us think about where the information we recieve was coming from and consider how to evaluate its usefulness in research.

Our first task was to organise some different cards into an order based on which was the most reliable source of information to reference.

This caused discussion in the group which ended with the realisation that most of them depended on the author – for example, a Tweet directly from a designer about their work could be extremely useful whereas a blog post about the same designer could be massively biassed and so less of a reliable source. It was interesting to consider that the reliability of the information depended more on the author of the information than the format.

We were then given another task: to evaluate a source in depth for…

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