This lecture, focused on anatomising and analysing previous ‘catalogues’ produced by former GMD Year 1 Students, in order to help us produce a document, embodying our critical thinking in CTS. Through evaluating our perceptions of these publications, we were also asked to deduce the assignment brief based on these preliminary observations.

Tan, Q. (2016) ‘Graphic & Media Design, Contextual & Theoretical Studies One, Catalogued’, CTS 1, London College of Communication. Unpublished catalogue.

Analysis of form

I found this catalogue, created by Q.M Tan, to be particularly exceptional, due to the object’s coherent relationship between its form and content. For instance, a visual consistency is produced due to the use of a gridded system (underpinning the editorial structure of its design). This not only, as Tan (2016) states ‘uni[fies] the array of works’ completed throughout the year, but successfully ties together otherwise separate parts. This is further reinstated through the purposeful eclectic collection…

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