The essence of graphic design as a discipline, relies on visual communication. For something to visually communicate to an audience, its viewers must be able to interpret their signs. Therefore, this lecture has helped me to understand just how integral semiotics are in graphic design. Signs are so embedded into our everyday lives, that we are constantly processing their meaning without realising. And language, in the form of words on a page is one form of this visual communication. And as graphic designers, as Simon Johnston (2001) states, we give form to ideas through words.

The lecture today explored language, structuralism and semiotics, using the structuralist thinking of 3 key figures: Terence Hawkes, Ferdinand de Saussure and Charles Pierce.

Hawkes (1977) postulates, language was created by humankind in order to facilitate our understanding of the world around us. Thus, language takes on the role of acting as mere references to…

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