India writes about the deep web!


This lecture, ‘Beyond Google’, featured the LCC Librarian, Ruth Collingwood, who primarily explained how to navigate through the ‘deep web’. Although, the google search engine can be exceptionally useful from the outset, I realise it merely scans through a restricted index of sources, thus has its limitations (Collingwood, 2017). Through being introduced a variety of rich external databases and resources beyond google, this lecture focused on how one can explore an extensive world of resources to facilitate our own explorations into particular subject areas for reliable and valid research.

Using these databases has major benefits, particularly when conducting research for academic essays. For example, information sourced from these databases are usually accompanied with meta data, enabling you to credit sufficiently the relevant resource. In addition, I realise how important it is to really exhaust a research area and expand the breadth of my research. The more you discover, the more…

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