Critical Cultural Meanings (Term 1 Only)


Description, content and structure

This option engages you in the deconstruction and reconstruction of the complex relationships, between Design, Culture(s) and the production of meaning. The option focuses on how Design and theories of Design, in all their manifestations, can help create, and at the same time critically interrogate the societies we live in today. You will explore general theories of how meaning is produced and the specific role Design has to play in defining economic, political and social value.

Culture and meaning are both terms that have been hotly contested and historically formed. This unit aims to give you the tools to develop your own thinking about the importance of Design in the formation of theory and practice of meaning. You will explore concepts such as Agency and Affect and their place in designing culture and cultural management.

Key texts to read before taking the option

Highmore, B. (ed.) (2001) The Everyday Life Reader. London. Routledge

Maxwell, C. & Aggleton, P. (2013) Privilege, Agency and Affect: Understanding the Production and Effects of Action. Palgrave Macmillan.

Sparke, P. (2013) An Introduction to Design and Culture: 1900 to the Present. Routledge.


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