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Personal Learning Networks of the Year (Prizes)

Personal Learning Networks of the Year (PLeNTY) is a project that starts at the beginning of the Spring Term 2016 and each week you will choose from your CTS tutor group what you think is the most successful student website that week. Each of these websites will then be publicised on each of the course’s websites and through each course’s Moodle page and via email to all 810 students in year 1 and to all Staff at LCC.


You and all students in their first year at LCC in the School of Design keep a blog/website, which you have set up in the first week of the first term at UAL. This now will become a part of your Personal Learning Network (PLN) . The purpose of this is to encourage you to keep a continuous record of your journey through the first year of your course. It is for you to link up all the elements of your course so it is in all in one place and so you can see the relationships between these elements more clearly. It will help you to practice communicating your ideas about each element of your course. Your PLN a great benefit to your overall critical thinking and writing skills. We often learn by doing and by creating a PLN you are engaging in the professional digital social media world and this will enhance your learning and employment prospects.

The aim of this project is to create a sense of belonging to a community at LCC in the School of Design by using PLNs to connect you to students in your own course and with students from other courses you may never meet. This community building by the use of blogs/websites/social media in your PLN will help to engender an inclusive curriculum and also one that enhances your employability & enterprise skills by making your work public facing from the start of your career at LCC. Having online presences also helps you understand the importance of engaging with wider communities of practice at an early stage of your life in design.

PLeNTY of Prizes

There will be a prize for each of the 30 tutor groups run by CTS across Year 1 of the School of Design awarded at the end of the Summer term 2016. There are 10 Course Leaders prizes for the best PLN from each course and 3 Programme Director’s awards for best PLN from each Programme area. And finally there will then be a “The Dean’s Prize” for the best PLN of the year.

Tutor prizes for best PLN in each CTS tutor group

(Chosen by the students for each group) 30 x £20

Course Leaders prizes for best PLN in each School of Design course

(Chosen by the Course Leaders) 10 x £30

Programme Directors prizes for best PLN in each School of Design Programme

(Chosen by the Programme Directors) 3 x £50

The Dean’s Prize for best PLN of the Year

(Chosen by Lawrence Zeegen 1 x £150)


Criteria for awarding prizes for the best PLNs

 Communication, Commitment, Content, Connection and Collaboration

  1. It will clearly demonstrate that you have continuously communicated your ideas about each session you are involved with on your course. This will be shown through your website/blog and how well you have kept it up to date weekly. (Communication and Commitment)
  1. You have shown that you have connected with the PLNs of other students on your course and from LCC, UAL and other people fro around the world. This will be shown by your links through social an profession networks, such as Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, You Tube and any other networks you have found useful. (Content and Connection)
  1. You have shown that you have collaborated with your peers and other people inside and outside of UAL and shown that you have created a ‘global network’ from which you have enhanced your learning. This will be shown by how well and how much you have commented on other people’s websites/blogs and how much other people have commented on your websites/blogs. (Collaboration)

Educational, Entertaining, Exploratory and Experimental

  1. Your PLN clearly demonstrates that it has been useful to you and your learning at LCC. This will be shown by how well you have categorised and catalogued the contents of your website/blog so that you and others can easily find your work and ideas. (Educational)
  1. Your have established that you have engaged your audiences in your PLN and that they want to come back and see what you have done and what you are up to. This will be shown by how much traffic you have been able to generate to your website/blog throughout your first year at LCC. (Entertaining)
  1. Your PLN will show that you have been able to take risks with your ideas and your work in terms of your CTS and Studio work and how your website/blog looks and works. This will be shown thorough how well you have experimented with different medias and designs of your PLN and how it is able to show all your work off to its best. (Exploratory and Experimental)


What is a Personal Learning Network?

The Personal: Having a PLN is about making connections and building personal relationships with student, tutors, designers, and experts in your field around the world. No matter where you are in the world, there’s always someone online available to answer questions, share their expertise, and simply chat about what’s happening in their lives and classrooms.

The Learning: Having a PLN is about sharing ideas and resources, collaboration, and learning. We may share our learning, ideas and expertise in different ways; using different media and tools, but the essence is the same: the PLN is simply the best professional development you will ever participate in – and it’s available 24/7.

The Network: The defining feature of the PLN is that it is a global learning network, enabling people to tap into and share diverse, global perspectives on design strategies, design issues, technologies and many other relevant. It takes time and effort to build these connections, but it’s well worth the effort. (http://teacherchallenge.edublogs.org/pln-challenge-1-what-the-heck-is-a-pln/)


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